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Kibbutz Ruhamma, our second Home

We are finally here. after about 36hrs of travel we are relaxing in our air conditioned room at the great Kibbutz Ruhamma. It was really neat being able to come back here and see old friends. It was almost like we never really left. I cannot believe it has been a year. Ruhamma and the wonderful people here have made some great improvements on the Kibbutz. It is even prettier than it was last year.

Today we mainly fought pretty harsh sleep deprivation and after a small nap we cleaned out the “pottery washing” area, while dodging the possibility of running into vipers.  We were told that when we clean out this area to “watch for vipers, they have been particularly bad this year”. Right. Vipers. Great.  But to our great luck we did not meet with any.

Tomorrow we start early..not “dig” early but 6am still comes pretty darn early. Here is to a good night sleep in my second home. Night guys



Got those tickets to Cairo! It’s official. We will be Egypt bound after our stay in Israel. Can’t wait. Thanks to my boy David Lay for all the leg work and effort to get a good deal on the tickets!