Snakes and Scorpions

I was out on our site yesterday doing GPR when I ran across a 6 foot long snake skin. Needless to say that it made me a little nervous, so I asked our one of our dig directors about it. He said “oh, that ones ok, the long ones aren’t the ones you have to worry about, its the short ones that are vipers”. Fantastic.  We also have scorpions on our site. We are not supposed to pick up a rock without kicking it over first to check for the nasty critters. And its true, the small ones have the worst sting.  So, yeah, that’s good news, nothing like having to constantly watch out for all manner of critters half way around the world.

Today was nice. We worked, but it was pretty light work. The sun is hot, but the shade and the breeze make it feel really nice, even in the heat of the day. I got to go to Lahav today which is the site of the house that I am doing my masters thesis on. Very cool place. We also got to go the kibbutz store and I saw a hebrew coke can, which I know is kind of silly to even mention, but it was pretty cool. I bought some hummus from the store and it is AWESOME. For those of you that know me well, you know I like hummus. Let me tell you this is the best I have ever had bar none! I have mentioned the food in other post, but I have one other thing to say. We eat very very healthy here, and its easy. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and they are super good. Very sweet peppers and cherry tomatoes that taste like candy. Did I mention that I like the hummus here. Its rockin!

Got to talk to my sweet family yesterday on skype. Technology is great. Half way around the world and it sounded like they were in the next room. I miss them, but it is a dream come true to be here. I am going to bring them with me someday.


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