First Day in Israel

We are in Israel! We got here at 2:30 AM after another long plane ride. We didn’t get out of the airport until after 3 AM and we went to Lachish at 4AM and climbed the tell. We got out just as the cops were making their way to us to see what we were doing, but we were gone by the time they got there thank goodness. We finally got to the Kibbutz about 5:30 and then went straight out to the field to check out our site. I got to get a little work in by using some Ground Penetrating Radar with some cool people. I then came back to our room, showered (1st one in 3 days) and crashed for a couple of hours.

One of my favorite things about today was the food. The food here is very good. Lots and lots of dairy, but its awesome. The country is absolutely beautiful. Tells are everywhere here, they just dot the landscape; its really cool. Our rooms here are nice. They are a bit small, but there is air conditioner, which is a blessing!

Israeli Flag


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