So after a very long and tiresome flight we have finally arrived in Amsterdam. Out of the 8 hour fight I got about 2 hours of sleep. I feel fantastic. Not really I feel extremely tired, but it was cool to walk around downtown Amsterdam. Very very touristy, but they have cool architecture. We had a few adventures. We got on the wrong train, but we got it ironed out and people are way nice here and helped us out.

Speaking of nice people, some lady gave me .50 euros so that I could use the bathroom at the train station, yes, it cost money to pee at Amsterdam Central Station. That is just wrong. Here are some Pics!

So, here is a funny story. Bradley and I were walking around Amsterdam and I needed to find a bathroom. So we were on the look out. Bradley stopped me and said look at that sign ( the pic below that has the sign of the Person and a child on it in blue). We thought this was a bathroom sign because guys kept going down this narrow hallway. So we went. It was NOT a bathroom.  Instead Bradley and I found ourselves firmly in the middle of the red light district. Sooooo we had to find our way out which took longer than we wanted.  Some might think that this was no accident, but I assure you it was very innocent. They need to have better signs.

Anyway, we are getting ready to get on a plane to Tel Aviv.  I’ll Post again soon.


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